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Tooth hazards can cause dental damage in a variety of ways. Due to the fact that dental damage can occur at so many different angles and aspects in your everyday life, it is important to always be prepared for any oral accidents or injuries that can occur. In addition, it is a good idea to have oral health care tooth hazard prevention plans in place to help restore your smile if any accidents that occur.

Tongue piercings are known for destroying smiles. This is because they can easily cause nerve damage and several forms of oral health ailments. Not only do they pose significant choking hazards, but they can lead to dental damage in the form of chipped and cracked teeth and cause infectious diseases to occur. Avoid tongue piercings due to the fact that they are significant tooth hazards.

If you wish to enhance your smile with an oral appliance, look no further than a mouthguard Mouthguards can be inserted directly into your mouth. Mouth guards are designed to fit nicely into your mouth to provide an additional level of support. Mouth guards are safety guards that can easily be customized by your dentist or purchased add a store to provide an additional layer of oral health care for your teeth and gums.

A common form of dental damage that people may not be aware of is trauma due to biting down on hard products. Oftentimes people feel that your teeth are strong enough to bite in the products that are actually too strong for their teeth. This can include chewing on ice or hard candies. In order to protect your teeth, it is important to never bite directly down onto a hard product as it can cause chips and cracks in your teeth and lead to severe dental damage.

Don’t let your smile get left behind without first visiting with us to discuss tooth hazard treatments. If you would like to book an exam for tooth hazard treatments with Dr. Ryan D. Sparks and the rest of our team at Ryan D. Sparks, DMD, you are welcome to call our dentist office at 541-754-9322 for an appointment in Corvallis, Oregon.