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Following wisdom teeth removal, taking good care of the extraction site is very important. To help you remain comfortable, following the instructions provided by the dentist, including taking the prescribed painkillers as recommended. At the time of your appointment, we will provide detailed aftercare instructions, but we offer these general steps now for optimal wisdom tooth removal recovery:

– Reduce bleeding by biting periodically on gauze pads, using fresh pads as needed. If your extraction area is still bleeding after 24 hours, contact our office.

– While you recover, eat soft foods such as soup, pudding, and ice cream, gradually adding in solid foods the more your oral cavity heals.

– Minimize any activity following surgery and take time to relax.

– After the first 24 hours, use warm saltwater to rinse your mouth as a way to clean the surgical site, reduce discomfort, and lessen swelling.

– Help the treated area clot by keeping your head propped up on pillows.

– Apply an ice or cold pack outside the treated areas for 15-20 minutes at a time to assist with any pain and swelling.

– Don’t use a straw or else you could loosen the blood clot and lengthen your healing time.

– Abstain from smoking because tobacco decreases the blood supply and introduces bacteria and germs to the treated areas, as well as loosen the blood clot.

– Brush your teeth and tongue as normal, but be very careful around the extraction sites.

If you have any questions about wisdom teeth or would like to schedule an appointment for wisdom tooth removal in Corvallis, Oregon, please call Ryan D. Sparks, DMD at 541-754-9322 today to speak with Dr. Ryan D. Sparks and our team.