Three Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most useful and cosmetic dental restorations available, but many patients do not have the level of knowledge needed to determine if a dental crown is right for them. Dr. Ryan D. Sparks offers general answers to the three dental crown questions you should ask... Read more »

Mouth Guard Fundamentals

If you ever take part in contact sports or any other high-risk activities, wearing a mouth guard can significantly decrease your chances of oral injuries. For a better understanding of mouth guards, here are some fundamental facts: - If you are participating in a contact sport or similar high-risk activity,... Read more »

Eat These Foods to Keep Your Gums Healthy and Pink

Irritated, inflamed gums are unattractive and unhealthy for your smile. While your daily oral care habits help prevent gum disease, your diet can also give your gums the means to remain healthy and vibrant. Your gums give your teeth the support they need, keeps valuable bone material from deteriorating, and... Read more »

All You Need to Know About How to Clean Your Orthodontic Retainer

As you may already know, it’s important to clean your retainer regularly. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. However, this might be a difficult task if you’re not sure how to clean the appliance and keep it in tip-top shape. So, to help you,... Read more »

Oral Health Conditions: Bruxism

Have you ever been diagnosed with bruxism? Bruxism is an oral health condition that commonly arises in individuals who experience anxiety and stress in their life. However, even if you have no stress, you could be suffering from bruxism. Unfortunately, bruxism often occurs while you are sleeping so it may... Read more »

Q&A About Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are commonly used dental restorations that can help your teeth and entire oral health. However, because they are associated with cavities, they can also be a little scary and overwhelming. This doesn’t have to be the case. To help you know a little more about these restorations so... Read more »

Oral Emergencies Can Damage Your Smile

Oral emergencies such as cavities, chipped or cracked teeth, and injury can be seen as commonplace, but they are still serious. When accidents and emergencies happen, knowing what to do can make a difference in saving your beautiful smile. A common oral accident is biting one’s lips or gums. While... Read more »

The Effects of Diabetes in Dentistry

Diabetes is a debilitating disease that affects your blood sugar levels, which in turn can alter your oral health. The effects of diabetes in dentistry can be prevented or treated. Here are some things you should know about diabetes and dental health: - Diabetes can lead to a delayed recovery... Read more »

Malocclusion Therapy

Do you know what a malocclusion is? A malocclusion is a bad bite caused by misaligned teeth or jaws. There are several types of malocclusions that can affect your smile. - When teeth are not in their proper location and position, rotation malocclusions arise. - If your lower jawbone sticks... Read more »

What to do About Your Wisdom Teeth

What do you know about your wisdom teeth? If you are like many who know very little about them, then you are not alone. That is why, our team here at the dental practice of Ryan D. Sparks, DMD in Corvallis, Oregon, is happy to talk to you about your... Read more »