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If you are an athlete who enjoys playing a contact sport, we encourage you to receive and wear a quality sports mouth guard. There are three main options for mouth guards–stock, boil and bite, and custom–and we can help you find one that fits your needs and preferences.

Stock mouth guards are the simplest and perhaps least inexpensive style, available at most stores that offer sporting goods. After inserting the guard into your mouth, you are ready to play, but you may find that this style of mouth guard doesn’t fit your smile as much as you would like, and may make it more difficult to breathe.

Another option is to purchase a boil and bite mouth guard at a sporting goods store, which may cost more than any stock mouth guard but should provide a better fit. You will place the appliance in boiling water to soften it, and then bite down to mold the appliance to your smile. You can wear the guard as soon as it firms up, though it will feel bulkier than a custom guard.

For the most optimal fit and protection, we recommend that you receive a custom-made sports mouth guard, and we can provide two different styles of customized mouth guards:

– Vacuum-fitted mouth guards are made from a thermoplastic material that molds to your dental arch and can give you about a year of use.

– Pressure-laminated mouthguards provide excellent fit and comfort and can last about two years.

Dr. Ryan D. Sparks and our team are eager to help you select a type of sports mouth guard in Corvallis, Oregon, and you are welcome to call Ryan D. Sparks, DMD at 541-754-9322 today to schedule a consultation with our dentist.